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How do i find out what benefits i can claim?

To check what benefits you can claim click here

You can also complete your own benefit calculation on either Entitled To or Turn2Us

Universal Credit

If you want to know more about Universal Credit, or have a problem with Universal Credit, read our pages about this here

If you're on other benefits and are thinking about claiming Universal Credit we'd recommend getting advice before deciding to claim, to make sure you don’t lose money. Find Citizens Advice’ Help to Claim teams details below, they’ll do a benefit calculation for you and explain Universal Credit and help you if you decide to claim.

Please click here for details and phone number of our Help to Claim Team

Personal Independence Payment (PIP)

If you want to know about Personal Independence Payment (PIP), including whether you’re eligible and how to claim please click here

If you have a benefits form to complete

If you have a form to complete you can check our guidance on how to do it below:

Personal Independence Payment PIP2 form "how your disability affects you"

Personal Independence Payment Review Form

Universal Credit 50 (UC50) and Employment and Support Allowance 50 (ESA50) "Work Capability Assessment Form". These forms are very similar and you should be able to complete both using our guidance on the ESA50 form. Please click here For more information on Universal Credit limited capability for work click here

Attendance Allowance Claim Form

Disability Living Allowance for a child form

For any other form, please look through our individual benefit pages here

If, after checking these links, you feel unable to complete the form. Call us on our Adviceline, 0800 144 8848 Monday-Friday 9:00am-4:00pm for further help

My Benefits have been sanctioned

If you're on Universal Credit and have been sanctioned find out what to do here

If you're on legacy benefits (like Income-Related Employment and Support Allowance) please click the individual benefit pages by following this link

If you need help with food, while you're sanctioned, you can contact the Help through Hardship phone line on 0808 208 2138 (Monday-Friday 9:00am-5:00pm) to see if you might be eligible for a food voucher. For more info please click here

You can also ask for help with food and fuel (as well as other essentials) through the Coventry City Council Household Support Fund until 31 March 2023 (may be extended). You can apply online by clicking here or you can call 0808 583 4333 if you can't do the application online

Challenging a Benefit Decision

You usually have either 30 days or One Month from the date on the decision letter to challenge a decision, although if there are special circumstances you might be able to do it later. There is usually a two step process, firstly a "Mandatory Reconsideration" and then an appeal. However the process varies from benefit to benefit.

Universal Credit

Housing Benefit

Working and Child Tax Credits

Jobseekers Allowance

Employment and Support Allowance

Personal Independence Payment

For all other benefits, please click individual pages here

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