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When you buy goods or services you have certain rights that protect you from being treated unfairly. These rights can depend on how and when you bought them.

What are my rights when I buy goods?

Use these pages to find out what your rights are and how to take action, the choices you have if the goods are not satisfactory, and the steps you can take to solve your problem.

You can use these consumer template letters to complain about an item or a service you have received.

I want to talk to someone
The Citizens Advice Consumer Service can give you consumer advice over the phone and online Telephone: 0345 4040 506 Monday – Friday 9:00am – 5:00pm

You can also complete an online request from them here.

Problems with a used car

If there’s something wrong with your used car (eg it’s breaking down, the brakes have gone or it’s been clocked), you may have a legal right to a free repair, replacement, or some or all of your money back.

Click here for further information.

I am not happy with the service I have received

Contact the Citizens Advice consumer helpline (formerly known as Consumer Direct) if you need more help with a consumer problem. Click here for further information.

Resolver is a FREE website and app that helps guide you through your complaint.   The  easy-to-use tool is designed to help explain your rights, help prepare your emails, record your calls and remind you what to do and when. Resolver simplifies the whole process of complaining. If the issue is not resolved then where there is an Ombudsman, the case is sent to the Ombudsman.

I think someone is using my identity

Banking security and fraud
When you use your bank account, bank card or cheque book, you need to make sure your information and identity is secure. This will help to protect you from fraud.

On this page, you can find out how to keep your financial and personal details secure, and what to do if there is a problem.

Identity theft
Identity theft is where someone you don't know gets hold of your personal details, PIN number, telephone or internet banking security details and uses them to access your account. Information on what should you do

Someone used my credit card - what can I do?
Information on what you should do

Taking legal action about consumer problems

Sometimes it is not possible to resolve the problem with the trader, read these pages to find out what to do about taking court action

Problems with your holiday

Find out your rights when cancelling a holiday here

Find out how to claim compensation if your flight is delayed or cancelled here

Find out how to claim compensation for lost or delayed luggage here

Find out how to claim compensation for a holiday here

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