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Making decisions about your family's education can be difficult. In this section you can find information about education for all stages of life, from pre-school to adult education.

Free Early Education place for pre-school aged children

In England, every three-year-old and four-year-old is entitled to a free early education place, along with some less advantaged two-year-olds. This is only if you wish for your child to attend and is completely optional. Find out the rules and your local providers are here.

Children with Special Educational Needs

In England, a pupil with SEN is entitled to receive full-time education that is appropriate to their needs. This applies to children and young people between the ages of 2 and 19. This may be in a special school or a mainstream school, or somewhere else. To find out how a pupil with special educational needs (SEN) is defined and what assistance is available click here.


Problems at school

You may be aware that your child has a problem at school either because your child has told you or you have been told by the school. As a parent, if you have been experiencing problems with a school and informal discussions have not been successful, you may wish to take further action. When trying to solve a problem, you need to be clear about what the official procedures are for resolving the problem.  Click here to find out the steps you should take.

Help with school costs, as a parent, you may be entitled to certain types of financial help, depending on your financial circumstances. Click here to find what help is available and how to apply for support

Financial support for higher education students

You can find information about financial support for higher education students click here


Student Housing

Many students live away from home when they go to university. Whether you're living in university halls of residence or privately rented accommodation, it's important to know what your rights and responsibilities are. Information and advice on housing issues that you may encounter whether you're living on your own or sharing with friends.


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