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You may be looking for somewhere to live, be in rented accommodation, or own your own home.   Maybe you are having difficulties with your neighbours.  Your rights and responsibilities will be different depending on where you live and your housing status.



Whether you have no where safe to stay tongiht, are sofa surfing or have somewhere to stay but it is very unsuitable (for example in extreme disrepair) you could apply for help from Coventry Council as homeless:

Read more about homelessness here and about applying for homelessness here

Rent/Mortgage Arrears

If you have fallen behind with your rent please read here.

If you've fallen behind with a mortgage please read here

You won't lose your home straight away for arrears, and in most cases you can take action to stop it. However it's important to get advice as soon as you can. Contact our debt team on 02476 25 2047 or

Tenancy Deposit

If you're about to leave your private property or have already left, and need to know how to get your tenancy deposit back, click here

My landlord has asked me to leave/Evicition

If you are a private tenant and have received a notice (or your landlord has told you they want you out) check here for your rights

If you rent from a housing association, a social housing landlord click here

How to apply for social housing

If you want to apply for a new social housing/housing association property then in Coventry you use the Coventry Homefinder website. It is a bidding system and properties go to those with the highest priority.

To apply online and read more about the rules please go to this link.

Problems where you live

If you're having problems in your neighbourhood or with a neighbour, for example noise or anti-social behaviour. Read about your options here

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