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You may be looking for somewhere to live, be in rented accommodation, or own your own home.   Maybe you are having difficulties with your neighbours.  Your rights and responsibilities will be different depending on where you live and your housing status.


How do I get a place of my own?

Private renting:
When you rent from a private landlord make sure you understand your tenancy agreement, how to budget for rent and how to deal with common renting problems.

Ways to find a private rented home:

Social Housing:
Social housing is housing owned and managed by councils and not-for-profit organisations (such as housing associations and housing cooperatives). The rents are usually lower than in the private rented sector.

How do I find out about social housing in Coventry?

I am Homeless or threatened with homelessness

Local authorities have a legal duty to provide help to certain people who are homeless or threatened with homelessness. The local authority will look at a number of things to decide if you qualify for help.

We provide assistance to people who are homeless or threatened with homelessness.

Please do not wait until you are actually homeless before contacting us. Once you have been made homeless, it is much more difficult for us to help you resolve your situation.

Our ability to prevent homelessness is improved if we are given the opportunity to intervene and assist you with housing problems sooner rather than later.

Click here for further information.

The application process in Coventry is to call Coventry city Council on 024 7683 4025. Applications are dealt with in date order.


There are repairs that need doing on my property, who is responsible?

Information on getting repairs done. The tenant's and landlord's responsibilities to do repairs and what options the tenant has if the landlord doesn't meet their obligations. It also covers some common disrepair problems.

You may be able to apply for a free replacement boiler. To check if you are eligible click here

Worried about your rent or mortgage?

If you’re struggling to pay your rent or mortgage this doesn’t necessarily mean you have to lose your home. There are steps you can take to negotiate with your landlord or mortgage lender so that you can pay off what you owe. Worried about your mortgage payments or worried about your rent payments.

If you want to speak to someone for advice on debts to your landlord or mortgage provider you can contact our debt team.

I am having problems where I live, what can I do?

You can find out how to deal with some of the problems that you might have in your neighbourhood.

How do I get my deposit back?

Most private landlords ask new tenants for a tenancy deposit before they move in. Find out what a tenancy deposit covers, how to make sure you get it back and where to get help if you can't.

Help, I am facing eviction!

It's never too late to get help, but the sooner you do so the better.

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