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Dealing with legal issues can be difficult and confusing; here are some common issues we are asked about.


Using a Legal Adviser

You may want to talk to someone who can give you general advice about your options first.  You can use this Quick search to find a local Solicitor click here . You should check about any costs that you would be taking on, before agreeing to see a solicitor

For further information on using a legal adviser click here.

Help with Legal costs

If you need help with paying for legal advice, you may be able to get legal aid. You will have to meet the financial conditions for getting legal aid. In some cases legal aid is free. In other cases, you may have to pay towards the cost. Click here for information and eligibility conditions.


I have been arrested what should I do

If you are at a police station, or have been charged with an offence for which you can be sent to prison, you can obtain free legal advice under the duty solicitors’ scheme. This does not depend on your financial circumstances. Your request will be passed to the Defence Solicitor Call Centre. Alternatively, you can choose your own solicitor and won't have to pay for advice if they have a contract with the Criminal Defence Service (CDS). The Call Centre will contact your solicitor for you.


Writing a will or problems with a will after someone has passed away

Information about making a will, free will-writing services and how to change, challenge or destroy a will.  Click here for further information

When someone dies there are many decisions and arrangements to make. These can be difficult in a time of grief.  Find out what you need to do after someone has died, including who to inform and how to arrange the funeral. You can also find help with what to do about the person’s financial affairs and their will click here


Taking someone to court

Taking legal action can be stressful and expensive. It will help if you understand how the legal system works and what kind of help you can get. Click here for Information on small claims


Taking action about discrimination

Things to think about before taking legal action against discrimination include checking the discrimination was unlawful, choosing the best course of action for you and preparing paperwork. Click here for more information


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