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Taking control of your finances as soon as possible could stop you getting into trouble with money. Making the best use of the money you have and paying the right people first can make the difference.

Pre-Payment Meters

Struggling to top up your pre-payment meter, read our information here

If you can’t get extra help from your supplier, you may be able to get help from Coventry Council’s Household Support Fund until 31 March 2023. You can apply online or by calling 0808 583 4333 if you can’t do an application online

Get Specialist Debt Advice

You can contact our debt team by either calling 02476 25 2047 or emailing and ask for a debt assessment. Alternatively you can also seek specialist debt advice from contacting National Debtline or Step Change


If you’ve been contacted by Enforcement Agents (otherwise known as Bailiffs) or are expecting a visit soon . You can call our Mas team on 02476 25 2047 or call National Debtline for urgent advice 0808 808 4000 Monday to Friday: 9am - 8pm, Saturday: 9:30am -1pm
If you have some time, you can check our our links on your rights, including how to stop bailiffs at the door, how to stop them taking your car and other rights here

Insolvency Options

There are different debt options like bankruptcy, debt relief orders and an IVA (to name a few). If you’re considering one, or you’ve been contacted by a company offering to do one for you, make sure you get free and specialist advice before deciding what to do, get this from Citizens Advice ( 02476 25 2047) or National Debtline or Step Change

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