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The breakdown of any relationship is often a challenging and uncertain time with many issues to be resolved; having the right information helps you to make the best decision for you.


Relationship Breakdown

For information on all aspects of relationship breakdown click here

Domestic Abuse/Gender Violence

If you are a survivor of Domestic Abuse or gender violence or are currently going through this, or you are not sure and want to speak to somoene. You can call the Council's Safe to Talk line on 0800 111 4998. You can also look online at our links here

If you're in immediate danger you should call 999. If you can't talk and are in immediate danger call 999 and press 55 and the police will attend

Child Contact/Arrangements

For information on making arrangements for children following a separation click here

Managing Someone else's affairs

There are several legal ways to authority to manage another person's affairs, such as Power of Attorney or being a Deputy. What is needed depends on the situation. Read more here

Wills and Bereavement

For more information on how to do a will, and information on what to do after a death please see this link.

Child Maintenance and other issues with children

For information on Child Maintenance or other issues relating to children (such as protecting them or getting help from the local council) see this link

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